Ghanaian actress and social media star Akuapem Poloo, known in private life as Rosemond Brown, is unrepentant about tw3rking on social media though she has repented in other ways ever since her conviction.

According to Akuapem Poloo, tw3rking has fetched her more than any venture she has ever participated in. So she is not ready to let her waist rest as that would cause her and her son to starve.

. Photos source : Akuapem Poloo Instagram.

In a video making rounds online, Akuapem Poloo is heard saying, “I heard that Poloo has come back to tw3rk. When did I go for a break? Do we go for a break from tw£rking? You want to take my livelihood away from me? How will I look after my son if I stop twerking? I twerk, and Nickchels skincare has come to sign me.

Do you think if it’s not the twerking or the growing and the energy, will they come? I am not going t stop tw€rking pls I beg you. If you don’t know how to twerk, don’t insult me. Come and learn or watch,”she continued.

Akuapem Poloo seems to have plans of going into the ‘tw€rking industry’ as she offered her services. She proposed that even married men can hire her to entertain themselves with no penetration, of course.

“Don’t worry, I will tw€rk for you even if you need me on the bed for you. If your husband wants me to entertain him. No, he will not enter me,” she concluded.

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