A s*xualy starved wife of Ndola in Zambia has told the court how she started dating her husband’s friend and got pregnant for him while he was working in another town.

Mary Mwale, who had been sued by Danny Mubanga for divorce in the Ndola Main Local Court, said her estranged husband had abandoned her while seeking for greener pastures in Northern Province. She said she started dating someone because her husband was cheating on her, too.“Your honour, i’m only human, I waited for him for three years.

I couldn’t take it anymore, so I decided to also find a man to take care of me, who I got pregnant for as well. Then after discovering that [I was seeing another man], he decided to sue me for divorce.

This man is not fair,” Mwale told the court. In this matter, Mubanga sued Mwale for divorce on grounds that she had married another man when he left home for work in another region. He lamented that the man his wife had married was his friend. Mubanga told the court that he married Mwale in 2017 when he paid K60 as dowry and together they have one child.

He said problems in their marriage started in 2018 when he left to go and find a job in Northern Province. “Your honour, she started going out with my friend and later moved in with him. The man even paid dowry. Her aunt is the one who received it,” he said.

After three years of being away, Mubanga returned to Ndola this year, only to find his wife married to another man. In her defense, Mwale told the court that when her husband left for Northern Province, she followed him there after giving birth to their child.

But according to her, they started having problems because Mubanga was cheating on her with other women.

Mwale said she decided to return to Ndola because she could not put up with her husband’s behaviour.

“I also heard that he had married another woman, that’s why he was not coming back to Ndola, so I don’t know why he wants to play the victim,” she said.

Presiding Magistrate Elizabeth Banda granted divorce with no compensation, but ordered Mubanga to provide support to his child.


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