The internet has been buzzing over the marriage of a Rwandan woman named Marie Josiane to two identical twin brothers.

She was dating the senior twin, who never told her he had an identical brother, according to the lady. Marie said she never saw them together in an Afrimax TV broadcast.

When she saw the younger twin, she hugged and kissed him without realizing that he was the incorrect sibling. Fortunately, the younger twin couldn’t resist the temptation to join her. After they understood what had transpired, they all agreed to stay together in a polyandrous relationship and live happily ever after.

Despite the fact that they are both married to the same lady, she claimed that the two brothers have no hatred or envy.


The three have been together for the past two years and counting. Many things are spoken about the twin brothers due of their marriage, but they constantly turn a deaf ear since they are pleased to share her. They are about to welcome their first kid into the world.

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