The ministry of health has said that Malawi’s population is still growing at a rapid rate.

The principal secretary for the ministry Dr Charles Mwansambo made these remarks in Blantyre on Monday during the Malawi family planning 2030 commitment development session.

In an interview with faceofmalwi Dr Mwansambo said that Young people still remain disadvantaged in services provision and access hence high rates of teenage pregnancies.

In addition some women who want to use contraceptive are unable to use these commodities for various reasons.

Dr Mwansambo cited unavailability, social and religious, cultural norms, provider attitudes amongst others.

In this regard he called for consolidated efforts to work with the said groups so as to find possible solutions.

Meanwhile the ministry of health says that the country is doing well on family planning generally.

Dr Charles Mwansambo said that though the country has not reached the 60 percent target the contraceptive prevalence is at 48 as it stands, for the married women is at 62 percent which is a good development in a fight against over population.

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