A 22 year old woman in Nkhotakota has confessed to have deliberately strangled to death her newly born baby.

The confession followed a postmortem conducted at St Anne’s hospital in Nkhotakota which revealed that strangulation and head injury were the causes of the death of the baby of Steria Manda.

During interrogation, the woman who is also a news reporter at Nkhotakota Community Radio confessed to that she indeed twisted the neck of the newly born baby.

The suspect in the wee hours of Monday the 13th of September went to St Anne’s Mission Hospital complaining of abdominal pain, diarrhoea and vomiting.

Whilst at the hospital, being attended to by the nurse, she requested to go for personal help. As she was in the toilet she gave birth to the baby whom she later killed.

The suspect will appear in court soon.

Manda hails from TA Chisemphere in Kasungu.

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