An Egyptian butcher has allegedly brutally slashed his wife’s throat and mutilated her body after a violent argument prompted by the man’s drug abuse, local media reported.

The police received a report that the woman had been killed in a public square in Fayoum, south west of Cairo, cut from the neck to the end of the abdomen.

Security forces immediately moved to the crime scene and found the woman was killed by her husband, who surrendered to the police.

An ambulance transported the body to the morgue at Senouras Central Hospital.

A team was formed to investigate the murder, and the detectives spoke to witnesses and neighbours of the victim. Police also collected surveillance camera footage.

Investigations showed the cause of the vicious crime was a violent argument between the couple, due to the husband’s drug abuse, which prompted his wife to leave the marital home and move to her father’s house.

They fought again and the wife demanded a divorce, but the man stabbed her to death. As the butcher committed his cruel crime, he threatened everyone who tried to intervene to rescue his wife, the police said.

Forensic lab experts collected fingerprints and blood samples from the crime scene.

The accused was arrested and referred to Public Prosecution for further investigation and trial.

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