Harmful Effects Of Mobile Phones You Should Know


Mobile phone health damage can be divided into the following divisions:

1. Brain cancer

The debate is raging about the impact of smart mobile phones and others on brain cancer; Some parties believe that the use of mobile phones causes the development of cancer, while others, such as the Danish Cancer Society and the Norwegian Committee of Experts, believe that the mobile phone does not pose any health risks of this kind, but so far the debate is still going on in this area without reaching a clear decision.

2. Eye health

The constant use of a mobile phone makes a person focus greatly on that small screen with small lines, which leads to increased pressure on the eye, thus exposing the eye to more complex problems such as computer vision syndrome, which is dry eyes, or difficulty concentrating, in addition to poor vision.

3. Chronic pain

Studies have proven that using a mobile phone in a fixed position for a period of time leads to problems and pains in the spine, neck, and shoulders, in addition to hand pain and others.

This is due to the formation of pressure on these places; Constant use of a mobile phone to send messages or any other activity may result in infections in the joints and spine.

4. Social damage

Social harms resulting from excessive mobile phone use include the following: a. Impact on real interaction: Continuous, unconsidered mobile phone use leads to severing relationships and breaking up families; This is due to reliance on electronic communication applications and away from actual and real communication.

b. Lack of privacy: The use of a mobile phone to store private and sensitive information and data poses a danger to the user in the event that the phone is lost or stolen; This could expose him to the theft of his accounts on the communication sites and misuse of them, or the theft of his bank account, or others.

c. Inconvenience constant: it occurs as a result of the adhesion of the users with their mobile phones constantly, making it difficult for them rejected disturbances or interruptions that come down as e – mail, letters or notices or even contacts telephone, and lead to the removal of the user from any biological activity may be done, or it may even disrupt his communication with his family.

Other damages to the mobile phone

The use of a mobile phone has many different harms, including:

1. The device’s battery and other electronic parts that make up the phone can cause environmental damage if not disposed of properly.

2. Using a mobile phone while driving causes traffic accidents.

3. The addictive use of the mobile phone leads to the user wasting time and spending money for phone calls or other things.

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