A 39-Year-old Chitipa District Council employee has been sentenced to nine years in prison for stealing K98 million from deceased’s estates.

The woman identified as Lusubilo Mwenitete stole the money while working as assistant accountant at the council. Her responsibility was to manage the Deceased’s Estate Account but she failed to account for the K98 million.

In court it was heard that the money was stolen from the account. In one instance, K12 million belonging to a beneficiary went missing two weeks after the money was deposited into the account.

Principal resident Magistrate court Paul Chiotcha on Friday sentenced Mwenitete to nine years in prison for theft by public servant and two years in prison for making fake documents.

Chiotcha noted that the crimes the woman committed have far reaching consequences to beneficiaries and Mwenitete planned to commit the crimes and they were also meticulously executed.

He ordered the Chitipa District Council to refund the money and ensure the victims are paid because the council failed to monitor the funds.

“The victims have suffered a lot and should not be subjected to further anguish,” said Chiotha.

Mwenitete comes from Mwenitete traditional authority Kyungu in Karonga district.

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