its being reports that a man in Brazil married nine women at once in a collective wedding to celebrate “free love” and a protest against monogamy.

Brazilian model Arthur O Urso was already married to blogger Luana Kazaki but they wanted to formalize their marriage with a collective wedding, reported the Daily Star .

Man Marries 9 Women At Once To Celebrate 'Free Love', Protest Against Monogamy

The pair are swingers and are known for their love of stripping off their clothes, thankfully in places where clothes are more of an option than a requirement.

Urso and Kazaki spent their first marriage’s honeymoon in Cap D’Agde, also known as the Naked City, a self-contained town in France where nudity is legal and encouraged.

Earlier this month , Kazaki was seen walking her masked and collared husband on a leash through a crowded train station.

“People were surprised by the costume,” said Orso. “We were also reprimanded.”

But their fetish doesn’t stop at the station as they walked through a market and a bakery in what they called “a different adventure.”

The couple claimed the dominatrix fantasy “increases libido.” And they should know.

The husband and wife number one are also known on OnlyFans for sharing sex tips and inspiring others to have sex, according to the outlet.

It’s unknown how legitimate the marriage (marriages?) is, but the ceremony reportedly took place in a Catholic church in São Paulo.

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