How to find Bae before Christmas


Finding Bae especially in this generation is becoming a spiritual exercise; only the “spiritual” can discern lest you be served breakfast (a word used to describe heartbreak).

If you’re still single by this time of the year. It’s not a good sign at all. Whether as a lady or a man, you must be able to find that “one” that would wear matching pajamas with you during Christmas. Or send you presents, so that you too can PEPPER all your enemies.

If you’re ready to deduct yourself from the percentage of “singles” in Nigeria. I have some quick advice for you.

1: Get a cardboard and marker: there’s a special reason why buying cardboard and not just any board. Also, please make sure that the color of the marker is Red. As in Red in Love. Do you get?

2. Buy anointing oil: make sure that the type of anointing oil that you will be buying is the one that is inside bottle o. Don’t buy something that is inside plastic and expect it to work.

3. Identify the nearest T-Junction close to you: T junctions are prophetic.

Now, this is where you come in…

Dip a finger into the anointing oil; use it to anoint your forehead, and your feet. Write your name on your cardboard with the red marker. Make sure that you write boldly such that everyone can see it. Specify the type of partner that you’re looking to find.

Now trek to the third mainland bridge. You know that if you enter the bus, you cannot find a husband. It’s when you’re trekking that your prince charming can find you; I learnt this lesson from Jim Iyke and Omotola Jolade.

Throughout the journey, make sure that you hold your cardboard over your head so everyone can see it boldly.

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