I am of the opinion that someone somewhere must have been paid to wave this Valentine’s Day celebration in our faces.

The PR for valentine’s is something else, everywhere ‘for him,’ ‘for her,’

Valentine’s packages ear and dear. I keep wondering how this celebration has become the talk of everywhere; because I remember that these vendors weren’t in our faces like this five years ago, I guess times have changed.

Dear single pringles, this list has been intentionally and carefully curated just for you. If you are in a relationship, this really doesn’t concern you, but no knowledge is a waste, so keep reading. Here is how to make the best of Valentine’s day as a singlet.

Practice S

Take yourself to dinner, go on a solo spa date, go shopping; do what absolutely makes you the most relaxed during tense times. And if you are irritated by the excessive display of love by the relationship people outdoors, order in. Don’t even go out sef; it’s better for you- Bro Omicron is still outside, please. So order in from your favorite food place and enjoy the day in your bed with loud or solemn music, depending on your preference. I’m definitely treating myself to a plate of amala that day; you can be like me and do the same.

Binge-watch movies

Disclaimer: avoid watching rom-coms as they will make you bawl your eyes out in tears, and you are left asking yourself the million-dollar question; ‘why am I single?’, ‘why does no one love me?’. We don’t want a pity party for Valentine’s; watch tragic movies, horror movies, comedies. It is better to go to sleep and be terrified because of a movie than go to sleep sad because you can’t find love. I said what I said.

Make good use of valentine’s discounts and sales

Most vendors run sales for customers during this period, so why not make good use of this opportunity. Buy that hair, gadget, or whatever you’ve been eyeing. When Valentine’s is over, you’d be proud you took advantage of that sales.

Practice your love languages on yourself

‘Ehn but you don’t have a partner,’ even though, even though. If you love gifts, buy a gift for yourself; if you fancy words of affirmation, write a cute letter to yourself ( you could even schedule a mail that would be sent to you that day from your future self ). Whatever your love language may be, practice it on yourself on Valentine’s day. You also deserve love, na singu you singu, you no kee pesin.

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