As people across the world on Monday went to town celebrating the day love dubbed Valentine’s Day, former President Dr. Joyce Banda saluted her husband (Richard Banda) for being there for her through thick and thins.

Banda, founder of People’s Party (PP) said this in a short massage posted on her official facebook page seen by this publication.

“For the last 39 years I have received a bouquet of flowers from my dear husband each year without fail. Strangely even when I have been in far away land, he has found a way and I have received my bouquet. Infact attending a board meeting of NUTRITION INTERNATIONAL in Ottawa, Canada and the flowers arrived as I was checking out. I had to carry them on the plane.

“Thank you honey. You know that even after 40 years of knowing you, I don’t take your love, friendship and support for granted. Most importantly I am grateful to God for precious gift of your unconditional love,” wrote Banda.

Banda’s post attracted mixed reactions among Malawians with many saluting the couple.

Tamara Maxhidiso Bonde wrote: “I admire the woman in you you inspire me a lot i met you before but i would also be happy to meet you again now that i have a lot to discuss with you mummie .”

Concurring with Bonde’s remarks Millicent Aboagye: “Very beautiful. Continue to enjoy your marvellous union you continue to grow with one heart.”

Tailos Bakili wrote: “Wow.. You are a great inspiration. Teaching us by example. I wish u joy and lots of happiness. To the Retired Justice, thank you Sir. You have taught me something.”

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