There was a commotion in the National Assembly as Minister of Energy, Hon. Ibrahim Matola indicated that ESCOM and EGENCO were paralyzed by politicians, Former Ministers, Former Members of Parliament, and some current Members of Parliament who used to draw 400litres of Fuel per day from these two institutions.

When challenged by Opposition members of Parliament to mention the names, the Energy Minister has promised Parliament to reveal the names of Politicians, Former and Sitting MPs, and Former Ministers who used to draw the 400litres of fuel every day from ESCOM and EGENCO which led to the current financial crisis in these two institutions.

The Minister has been compelled to do so in Parliament by the members of the opposition bench.

But the member of Parliament for Thyolo Central Ben Phiri, rising on a point of order, said Matola has no moral ground to talk about Escom when it was during his time, as a minister in 2012 when the Escom building was gutted down under suspicious circumstances.

The Minister has told Parliament that he will be ready to bring the list of the politicians who were involved in this scandalous act on Monday.

“Madam Speaker, If allowed, I shall read the names in this August House for the public to know the people who caused ESCOM to be on its knees thereby making electricity tariffs to be on the high side”

Matola also said there were some suppliers who supplied items that are just being kept in warehouses because they are not fit to be used.

He said these are some of the causes of challenges in the power supply sector.



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