Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) MP and Spokesperson Shadric Namalomba has told Parliament that if the opposition does not want him, he can move to government benches.

This comes after Leader of Opposition, Kondwani Nankhumwa, asked Speaker of Parliament Catherine Gotani Hara to order Namalomba to go back to his new seat which is far from the front seats following the new arrangement due to appointments of a shadow cabinet.

Namalomba opposed Nankhumwa by indicating that he returned to his old seat because there is a court injunction to the new arrangement and that he has eye problems and can’t clearly see from a ‘far’ position.

The Speaker, however, responded that the House is not officially served with court documents and that as such, Namalomba should occupy the back seat.

Before moving to the back seat, Namalomba has also alleged that Nankhumwa “stole money” and that he has evidence that he can bring to the House.

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