The Afrobarometer corruption report indicates that the police are the most corrupt in the country.

The results are being released in Lilongwe by the Center for Social Research (CSR) a local partner to the pan African research institute under the University of Malawi (UNIMA).

The findings are based on nine survey results touching on two topics; Corruption and Malawians’ stance on Witchcraft.

On the list of offices and institutions, the police top the chart.

The results however show  that 66% agree corruption has increased while 57% think it has increased a lot and 66% think the government is not doing well to combat the vice.

In terms of party affiliations, 74 percent of UTM Party supporters say corruption has worsened while 72 percent of DPP supporters hold that view.

According to the survey, 58 percent of Malawi Congress Party supporters perceive corruption to have worsened.

The Afrobarometer survey further reveals that 58 percent of Malawians agree that suspects who return proceeds of corruption should be granted amnesty while 41 percent disagree.


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