Woman Takes Own Life After Being Caught In Sexual Act


A 31 year old woman in Drahaman village, T/A Juma in Mulanje district has taken her own life after her secret of sleeping with her aunt’s husband got revealed.

Reports says that the woman identified as Martha has been dating her own aunt’s husband  for over four years now and everything was going in exact way she wanted but on last Sunday she  met her fate  when the aunt came to know all her secrets and waited for the two lovers to meet before taking action.

According to the source, the aunt went for a 15 minutes’ walk around the village and suddenly came back after she was tipped that Martha always enters the house through the back door when she is not around.

“They lived in separate houses as you can see, Martha used to enter the house through the back door to meet her aunt’s husband when she is not around”, she said

The woman was caught in the house with the husband romancing.

The source added that the aunt did not do anything, but she managed to sat down and watch them, that was then Martha fled to her own house in shame.

“Martha went to her house after she was caught by her aunt and i believe she hung herself to death due to the shameful act she was doing, she could not bear it”, she explained

The deceased hanged herself on the night of 24 April and was laid to rest in the same village on 25 April 2022.

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