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How to Call Someone Who Has Blocked Your Number


Do you actually need to get associated with the individual who shut you from contacting them? In the event that you have a significant or a consuming issue to impart to them, you can in any case get in touch with them and pass the information after all.

Here are ways of calling an individual that obstructed your number;

Hide your caller ID

Have a go at hiding your guest ID. It is typically significant and it helps in covering your identity while calling an individual who has blocked you. The recipient will not know who is calling him, and this may prompt him to answer your call.

Suppose you want to hide your guest ID on your iPhone, then go to settings and select “Phone” in the settings. Select “Show my caller ID” and then turn it off.

For Android gadgets, select a call in the settings, then click this extra point. Once there, select the caller ID and click Hide Number below. Your calls will remain confidential.

Dial *67

This code usually hides your number and appears as a private number on the recipient’s side. Before entering the number you want to call, first dial * 67 and then the number. For example * 670712345678.

Download an application that generates a random phone number.

There are several free apps that you can download from the Google Play store. This application generates a random number that you can use to call a non-member application with the application. For these applications, the recipient has no idea who is calling.

Change your number

This may be the best option. Buy another line and call them.

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