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If You’re Above 30, Do These To Age Well

Wear sunscreen every day and reapply it multiple times a day. This is the first thing one should do if they want to age well!

Sun accounts for about 90% of visible aging signs like wrinkles and discolorations.

I will also say that at the same time sunlight has tremendous benefits for the body and the mood. Don’t avoid it at all costs or be obsessed about it.

  1. Avoid sugar as much as possible. Not only it is bad for our general health, but for our skin as well.

I explain in detail why sugar and other foods make you age faster in this answer: What is an anti-aging secret that not many people know about?

  1. Eat foods that contain collagen, healthy fats, and antioxidants.

These are foods we all know and love, nothing too expensive or exotic (I am not going to tell you that you should eat some fruit that only grows once every one million years in Antarctica).

In this answer you can find a list of foods that contain antioxidants: What foods have antioxidant?

  1. Treat your skin with care. Don’t scrub your eyes too hard while taking off your makeup or washing your face in the morning; the skin in the eye area is thinner and more delicate than on the rest of your face, and that’s why the first wrinkles tend to appear there. Use gentle products on your skin…you only have one after all!
  2. Use science-based anti-aging skincare products. Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Retinol and other ingredients are excellent and have been used for a very long time for anti-aging purposes.

They have plenty of evidence supporting their action, unlike some other trending ingredients that are just fads.

Serums are the best option because of the high percentages of active ingredients, so I’d recommend you to buy those instead of creams or toners.

  1. Avoid harmful substances. While this must sound obvious, I could not not mention it.

Smoking, drinking or using illegal substances can wreck your skin, and that’s far from the worst that could happen from it.

I was a smoker for years and quitting was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I cannot undo the fact that I damaged my body for a long time, but at least I am not doing it anymore and I am extremely focused on living a healthy life.

  1. Try to manage stress the best way you can. The more stressed we are, the faster we’re going to age.

Of course it’s impossible to avoid stress altogether, but is is possible to at least try to decrease it. Cut contact with toxic people or environments.

I know it’s not easy because I’ve been through it. It takes time. My ex-partner was a narcissist; dealing with her was a daily stress.

At that time my skin was constantly itchy and I had back pain for no reason. Now that it’s over I don’t have those symptoms anymore.

Meditation and yoga reiki have helped me a lot overcome the chronic stress.

There’s quite a lot of evidence suggesting how stress and inflammation are linked to skin conditions such as eczema and acne.

  1. Exercise. Physical exercise has been proven to keep us young and healthy. A lifetime of regular exercise slows down aging, study finds
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