The smartphone is one of the most portable internet-enabled gadgets that is useful for several technological purposes but can easily be damaged due to its fragile nature.

There are a couple of practices most persons are fond of that are considered hazardous to the smartphone, thus; reducing its lifespan.

As an individual who cares for his or her phone and would want to reduce the risk of having it easily damaged, here are a few practices you must avoid.

  1. Not using the prescribed charger, or using a damaged cable.

Every smartphone has its degree of electric voltage it is designed to accept, and this voltage is best regulated by using the prescribed charger that has been recommended by the manufacturer.

Using the wrong charger, or the one that is probably above the amount of voltage the phone can accommodate might end up destroying its motherboard. In addition, improvising charger cables that might not be suitable for your phone might cause it to malfunction.

  1. Installing apps from unknown sources.

Most smartphone experts have revealed that it is not always safe to install mobile applications or games from unknown websites, especially the ones with an unprotected internet protocol.

Some of these websites contain malicious software applications when downloaded to your phone can cause it to malfunction, or can rather be used to extort vital information.

  1. Using the phone while connected to an electric source.

This is one practice that can cause the phone to explode due to overheating. The practice of using the smartphone while connected to a power source can pose many hazards to one’s life which include electrocution and the risk of an explosion.

  1. Placing the phone in a heated place, or using the smartphone close to the burning stove.

Quite similar to the previous point, the idea of using the smartphone under a hot temperature, or placing it on any heating device or appliance is a practice that might not only destroy the hardware component of the phone, but might cause it to explode and do some physical damage to anybody close by.

Every smartphone is made with inflammable chemicals like electrolytes sodium chloride, chloric acid, sodium hydroxide and others that can explode when exposed to heat.

  1. Placing the smartphone under the pillow.

Most people are fond of keeping their phone under their pillow while sleeping at night; probably to protect it from being stolen or to save it for easy retrieval.

Whatever the reason might be, it is pivotal to understand that this practice isn’t only harmful to the phone, but can be a threat to human life.

Just as humans need air to breathe and survive, so does your smartphone. Keeping the smartphone in an enclosed place with little or no ventilation will cause it to overheat and explode.

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