Every day, more and more couples demonstrate that their love for one another goes far beyond superficial appearances.

Article about a young woman who, despite being born without legs, pursued her dreams and married the man she deserves since love is all about the heart.

Jen Bricker was tragically abandoned by her birth parents at the hospital when she was a newborn. She moved to southern Illinois with her adoptive family and obtained three boys after three months.

Everyone knows Jen is “different,” but her loved ones have always accepted and embraced her nonetheless. Jen later discovered a lifelong interest that catapulted her to fame. She began her career as an acrobat and aerialist at the tender age of eight, when she discovered her extraordinary skill in the field.

Now fast forward to the present day, Jen has published a book detailing her experiences as an acrobat and aerialist who was born without legs.

Dominik was deeply moved by her incredible story. And he went to great lengths to meet Jen at her book signing event in 2018, and now she is the love of his life.

Since being married, Jen and her husband have been sharing their moving love story at public events all around the world, often in the form of joint speeches or performances.

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