Have you been using the phrase “Not tonight” more often than usual? It could be something you consumed. These days, many men experience diminished sex drive, and some of the main causes are as basic as what they’re eating. It’s critical to identify foods that won’t impair your libido, especially as you become older.

Sexual desire is influenced by testosterone levels, therefore anything that lowers these hormones in males can gradually make them less interested in having sex. To figure out which meals to avoid if you want your romantic side to be in tip-top form, I spoke with a number of specialists.

1. Too Much Soy

If you consume small amounts of soy in your diet, you shouldn’t be worried about gaining “man boobs,” but excessive consumption of the products made from legumes (soy milk, tofu, and sauce) can lower testosterone levels and lessen your desire to fall in love, according to a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Researchers discovered that testosterone levels in individuals who consumed 120 mg of soy daily decreased. Make sure to reduce or eliminate it from your diet if you’re trying to become a father.

2. Processed Carbs

Any refined carbs, like the ones found in crackers, can still ruin a man’s private time. Increased consumption of refined carbohydrates, such as white flour, can lower testosterone levels. In addition to making a guy gain weight, sugars from refined carbohydrates can also increase a man’s estrogen levels and lower his testosterone levels.

3. Foods With Hormones

Foods with added hormones or antibiotics, including some red meats, are a major sex offender because they can upset a man’s natural hormonal balance when eaten in excess. Levine claims that some diets can even have an impact on some people’s secretions, including semen, sweat, urine, and breath.

However, when eaten lean and in moderation, red meat does have some benefits. It is a fantastic source of zinc, which is essential for reducing fat and growing muscle. Choose slimmer cuts with the names round or loin or a traditional filet mignon.

4. Overindulging in heavy foods

According to Corey B. Schuler, a functional medicine dietitian at the Metabolic Treatment Center, eating too much of anything decreases sex desire in males and is the leading cause of sex drive death. Too much of it, he claims, is the worst thing a man can consume for his sexual appetite.

Diet has a negative impact on aging. Anyone who is overweight between the ages of 35 and 60—or who leads a life of high stress, bad nutrition, and inactivity—is accelerating the aging process. A healthy diet leads to satisfying sexual experiences.

5. Too Much Alcohol

Moderate consumption of alcohol never hindered anyone’s desire, but heavy drinking can make things unhappy by morning. Alcohol can negatively impact your sexual performance, resulting in erectile dysfunction, difficulty eliciting orgasm, and premature ejaculation, according to Dr. Amy Levine.

According to sex therapist David Yarian, too much wine, rich food, or food in general will make a person drowsy and uninterested. Watch what you eat for your own good.

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