Smoking weed and shisha are gaining great use among the young and sadly weed is destroying a lot of lives no one is talking about it.

In this article, we are going to look at 10 dangerous things smoking weed will do to you in the long run;

  1. Smoking cannabis will make you anxious – Cannabis is known to increase the level of anxiety. The person becomes scared of situations, unnecessary unexplainable fear and worrisome behaviour toward day-to-day life activities
  2. Smoking Cannabis can give hallucinations – Cannabis belongs to a class of drugs called Hallucinogens. It can make one see, hear or respond to what isn’t real. A false perception of reality and one can’t differentiate what exactly is real from the unreal.
  3. Smoking Cannabis can tamper with one’s judgement – Judging & execution is a task every human undertakes daily. From the choice of clothes to interaction with fellow humans Cannabis messes your judgement, you become dysfunctional at the workplace and to people as a result of poor judgement.
  4. Smoking Cannabis can give you bloodshot red eyes – Users of Cannabis can develop what is called conjunctival injection. This is seen as red eyes, sometimes you might even think the person just got punched in the eyes. No, it is cannabis punching the system.
  5. Smoking Cannabis can make one paranoid – It is a fact that abusers of cannabis can demonstrate a lot of paranoia. They’d think people are against them, ganging against them, plotting their death and many more. There’s a total lack of trust Some have committed suicide from these beliefs.
  6. Smoking Cannabis can increase your appetite unnecessarily – One thing cannabis can do is give one hunger like never before. Your appetite becomes insatiable. You’re eating this to wants can’t stop…it is Cannabis causing this.
  7. Smoking Cannabis messes up one’s social life in the long run – Cannabis can affect the social life of a person. The person who was friendly now becomes withdrawn. His or her social withdrawal shows as an absence in pleasurable activities and now wants to be alone and aloof.
  8. Smoking Cannabis reduces the way you perceive time – Every animal including humans has a mental clock picture. You can say oh at this time I should be doing this without looking at a wristwatch
  9. Smoking Cannabis makes you perceive time is waiting for you and running slowly – This shows as late for meetings, late to work and failing to keep appointments.
  10. Smoking Cannabis gives a false sense of happiness – Cannabis gives that kind of high Ffke sense of excitement. You feel above the world, you do anything. It creates euphoria and the high it takes you the same way it drops you that low.
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