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Balaka Police Urges Community to Report Issues Instead of Engaging in Mob Justice

Senior Superintendent Dan Sauteni of the Balaka Police Department has urged Malawians to refrain from engaging in acts of mob justice when dealing with conflicts within their communities.

Sauteni made this appeal during the launch of a two-day campaign aimed at reducing incidents of mob justice, sexual assault, suicide and other issues in the Balaka district.

He urged members of the community to work in cooperation with the police by reporting issues that require their attention, instead of taking matters into their own hands.

Sauteni expressed his satisfaction upon learning that there have been no reported cases of suicide in the district over the past seven months.

He stated that “Suicide should never be considered as a viable solution to problems, as it only creates more problems for those involved.”

Village headman Kandengwe praised the Balaka police for their positive relationship with the community, and credited this for the renewed trust in law enforcement among residents.

During the two day campaign, police officers will hold mobile awareness meetings in markets and other key locations to educate the public on the issues.

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