The Malawi Police Service (MPS) has urged its male officers to seek psycho-social support and counseling when faced with problems triggers them to commit suicide.

The sentiment has been by Rabecca Ndilande Chairperson for South West Region Police women Network during the Sidelines of a workshop which was organized for male officers from Neno and Mwanza at Mwanza Secondary School.

Ndilande said the workshop was organized after noticing that suicide cases are still on the rise amongst males than females.

“We hope that our male officers will help to convey this message to their fellow officers and the general public,” said Ndilande.

However, renowned Clinical Psychologist in the country, Chiwoza Bandawe who was guest speaker at the meeting, revealed that the country’s clinical psychology professionals are planning on engaging government to consider decriminalizing attempted suicide.

In his remarks Bandawe said that arresting people for attempted suicide ill not curb the problem because it is as a result of mental health problems

Bandawe concluded his speech by saying that more counselling sessions had to be conducted in-order to establish the root cause and come up with solutions of averting suicide cases.

Meanwhile, the county continues to register large number of suicide cases in all regions due to mental health issues.

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