The high court sitting in Lilongwe has adjourned hearing the case of Former fiancé minister Goodal Gondwe to 1st and 2nd August 20223

Gondwe has been implicated for being one of officials who flouted laws in the National Bus Services Limited bus depots acquisition for giving to Muli brothers.

The court will continue the cross examination by state through Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda to the first witness of defence Leston Mulli.

Attorney General Thabo Chakaka Nyitrenda said that, they believe that they have demonstrated in the court that the whole acquisition of bus depots was illegal.

Nyirenda indicated that the other point to prove their case is that the then Gondwe verbally without any written backing documents gave approval for National Bus Services Limited to have the ownership of depots.

According to Nyirenda, Mulli got the bus depots without also following procurement procedures which include giving chance for companies to bid for fair competition.

Meanwhile John Kalampa one of the defence lawyers says they still maintain that the whole processes were done and followed as per privatization Commission requirements making the deal to be legal.

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