Former First Lady Esther Lungu made her way to the New Home Affairs Ministry building today to attend a hearing at the Lusaka High Court, Economical and Financial Crimes Court. She is challenging the Drug Enforcement Commission’s (DEC) attempt to seize and forfeit her flats without conducting proper investigations.

Accompanied by her legal representatives, led by Dessislava Findlay from D Findlay and Associates, the Sixth First Lady arrived at the court premises.

In addition to her legal team, she was accompanied by Hon Kebby Mbewe MCC, Patriotic Front Western Province Chairman Mr. Kufuka Kufuka MCC, and former Central Province PS Bernard Chomba.

The former First Lady is contesting the DEC’s actions regarding the seizure and forfeiture of her flats. She asserts that there were no proper investigations conducted before the attempt to seize her assets.

The hearing at the Lusaka High Court will provide an opportunity for Mrs. Lungu and her legal team to present their case and challenge the DEC’s actions.

The presence of her attorneys and prominent supporters indicates the seriousness of the legal battle that lies ahead. The outcome of this hearing could potentially have significant implications for the former First Lady and the ongoing investigations surrounding the alleged financial crimes.

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