In a tragic turn of events, a Zimbabwean woman residing in South Africa took her own life after being discovered cheating with her husband’s colleague last Wednesday.

The woman, known only as Mai Aisha, was caught in bed with a man identified as Madzibaba, and the incident was recorded.

Baba Aisha and his companions confronted the two cheaters, resulting in a physical altercation.

In a widely circulated video, Baba Aisha mentions that the colleague had left their workplace under the pretense of buying cement.

According to reports, she committed suicide the following day.

“I assaulted her when I caught her with my friend.

“We talked about her cheating and agreed that she goes back kumba kwavo, I then booked her a bus ticket but found her dead when I came back from work.

“I saw an empty bottle and a note by her side saying she (swallowed) the poison, I don’t know where to start now,” said Baba Aisha.

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