Bridge Afric President Victoria Nkong in Malawi


President of Bridge Afric, Victoria Nkong arrived in Malawi yesterday through Kamuzu International for the upcoming Bridge Afric workshop scheduled for March 23 2024.

In an interview Nkong described the workshop as a significant opportunity for creatives in the country.

“The project is giving artists the opportunity to explore and build their brands outside their country, artists should make good use of the opportunities we are bringing.”

Chief executive officer of Jacobs Event, Wendy Harawa has expressed excitement saying it is time for Malawian creatives to soar.

“I’m super excited and I encourage artists not to miss this opportunity,” she said.

The workshop organised by Bridge Afric in collaboration with Jacob Events, aims at bridging the gap between Malawian artists and other artists around Africa to create more networking opportunities.


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