Pastor Teresiah has openly shared her life experiences, recounting instances of enduring sexual abuse and undergoing forced abortions by her employer’s son.

Initiating her employment as a house help at the age of 15 to support her family following her father’s departure, Teresiah encountered numerous hurdles.

Coerced into silence, she endured years of suffering without being able to disclose her ordeals.

Despite facing significant challenges, Teresiah summoned the courage to confide in her husband, resulting in the dissolution of their marriage.

Nevertheless, she opted to forgive her abuser and sought solace in her faith.

Embracing the role of a pastor, Teresiah endeavors to inspire others with her journey of resilience and redemption.

Through her ministry, Teresiah aims to extend hope and healing to individuals grappling with similar adversities, emphasizing the importance of forgiveness and perseverance.

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