An alleged career criminal shoot to dead Slain NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller who was doing his job in Queens.

The suspect, identified as Guy Rivera aged 34, shoot in the stomach of a 31 year-old officer as he was to tussle with him near the open passenger door of a dark gray Kia Soul

In a disturbing surveillance video shared yesterday by Instagram account @ny scoop is showing Diller writhing and screaming in pain just seconds after he was shot in the stomach.

Three gunshots can be heard echoing down the relatively quiet Far Rockaway street as Diller can be seen dragging himself behind the car and collapsing on the pavement, while Rivera falls out of view onto the sidewalk.

Diller’s partner – who was on the driver’s side of the car – then fired two return shots, at least one of which struck Rivera in the back, according to cops.

In the seconds after the shots rang out, Diller’s partner pulled a man later identified as Lindy Jones, 41, from the driver’s seat and yelled at him to “get on the f–ing floor” before putting him in handcuffs.

Another officer appears to try to help Diller who is screaming and occasionally moaning what sounds like “Oh, God!”

A swarm of cops soon descended on the troubling scene, and several of them carefully lifted Diller and loaded him into an unmarked police vehicle.

Diller – a father of one with three years on the force – was shot once in the stomach below his protective vest, police later said.

The fallen officer was taken to Jamaica Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead

Rivera was later taken from the scene via ambulance. He has not been charged.

A sign a few feet behind the Kia indicated that the car was parked in a metered zone. Police initially said it was parked at a bus stop.

When Rivera arrived at the hospital, doctors discovered a shiv stashed up his rectum, a source told The Post Tuesday.

The ex-convict who has 21 prior arrests – may have stashed the weapon because he thought he was going to be arrested later that day for a different crime and wanted protection in jail, the high-ranking source explained.

Rivera was released from prison in 2021 following a five-year stint for drug charges.

He went off parole the following year

Jones was arrested at the scene. He was charged Wednesday morning with criminal possession of a weapon and defacing a weapon.

Neither Jones nor Rivera had documented gang ties, although the fatal shooting occurred in a known playground for the Gang of Apes

Jones – who was nicknamed “Killa” – also has an extensive rap sheet, including 14 prior arrests.

He was due in court Monday, April 1 for a hearing regarding an incident last year during which he was found with a loaded, illegal firearm.

Jones was arrested at the time, but was released on $75,000 bail after the judge balked at prosecutors’ request for electronic monitoring.


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