A young ‘male couple’ accused of engaging in homosexuality yesterday swore on its parents that it did not drill each other’s backside.

25 year-old Brighton Banda a student nurse of Lusaka College of Nursing (LUCON) located within the University Teaching Hospital and his alleged lover Darius Musukwa aged 20 of the same school are charged with unnatural offenses before the Lusaka magistrates Court.

It is alleged that on February 24, this year the two medics who were bored of shouting “tubuli kuseni, tutatu muzuba” in practice of how they would be administering medicine to their patients, opted to entertain themselves by dipping their erect rods in their poopers which is against the order of nature.

The two who were yearning to have each other and fulfill their fleshly desires, opted to quench their sinful desire from a military camp Burma Barracks where they tiptoed into a toilet for sex and engaged in ‘satanic styles’ using their back door as discouraged by Godfridah Sumaili.

The medics were allegedly caught in the act by a curious drunkard who heard some groans from men as one of them demanded that their lover does it faster and deeper.

With beads of sweat rolling down their faces and baby batter dripping from their male organs coupled with a stench of excrement Banda and Musukwa were dragged to Kabwata police where they were reported for the alleged crime.

Appearing before magistrate Amy Masoja the duo whose body language was feminine pleaded not guilty to the charge in a chastened voices.

Magistrate Masoja adjourned the case to May 7 for commencement of trial.

Immediately they stepped out of Court the two students with the help of their parents buried their faces in their palms and engaged in a cat and mouse game with journalists who pursued them for pictures.

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