Police in Mzimba at Jenda have arrested five people including village headman Mdolo for heavily assaulting a Community Policing Forum (CPF) member who was assigned to escort a complainant for discussions at Kapopo village in the district.

The arrests came following an intelligence driven operation conducted by Police detectives during the night of June 4, 2024 after the matter was reported at Jenda Police station.

Jenda Police Public Relations Officer, McFarlen Mseteka says Emmanuel Zuza and his wife Beauty Soko recently got separated and the husband insisted on keeping a one-year-old child a thing that did not please the woman and she made a complaint at Inkosana Kapopo Mhlanga for assistance.

On June 1, 2024 the Inkosana instructed Standwel Nkhoma a CPF member to escort the woman and her family members for discussions and possibly to take the child who is too young to stay with the father as she was still being breast fed.

Upon arrival, the father to the husband was angered with the demands made. As such, together with other villagers, they started assaulting the CPF member and in the process he was stabbed on the neck with a knife. The CPF member managed to free himself from the mob to a nearby clinic where he was admitted.

The five arrested including the village headman, have been charged with unlawful wounding, inciting violence among other offences and they will be taken to court upon completion of paper work to answer their charges.

Jenda Police warns community members that it will not relent to arrest those who incite violence and involved in mob justice.

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