The vote recounting will not be possible, FaceofMalawi can reveal and if the parties are not happy with the results and they agree then the only way has to be a re-run.

Information FaceofMalawi has indicates that some of the ballot papers have been damaged beyond recognition such that to re-count them will not be possible. With some of the staff in the polling centers stuffing the ballot boxes with other things in the ballot boxes, some ballot papers have been destroyed beyond recognizance.

Some boxes are meanwhile filled with water and have therefore destroyed the ballot papers with some ballot boxes more filled with other stationery which is not the ballot papers.

This has therefore thrown indications that a vote recount cannot be necessary.

The DPP is the party that has challenged a recount of the votes on the grounds that other parties want to rob the victory from them.

Can these be counted?
Can these be counted?

Inside a ballot box
Inside a ballot box

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  1. If the recount will not be possible then we should have a re-run without the current party presidents because they all demostrated a sense of imaturity. They don’t the welfare of the masses at heart. All they care about are their selfish ideologies and greed. In Malawi we need selfless leaders who will not put their interest above the poor people of this land.


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