Former president of the Republic of Malawi Joyce Banda has joined some public figures standing against calls for the formation of Nyika Republic as suggested by former ruling People’s Party (PP) Northern Provincial Governor Christopher Nzomera Ngwira.

The calls to form a standalone state came after people from the Northern Region complained that there is unfair distribution of resources, development and public resources across the country.

Speaking on the matter, Banda has trashed Ngwira’s calls despite him being a bonafide member of the party

“I don’t buy the idea of secession. Malawi is a democratic country and is better off with all the regions and I love to see it remain that way until Jesus comes” Banda said.

President Peter Mutharika blushed off the call of a standalone state but however still invited his critics for discussions assuring them that all his doors are open for positive ideas to move Malawi forward.

Meanwhile Ngwira is still insisting that they want to redeem the Northern region from suffering by forging their own future as they have been side-lined to development and honor for a long time.

Formation of the standalone state have been making rounds in the country causing debate as Mutharika has said it is rather diving.

Other public figures to have dismissed the calls include United Democratic Front (UDF) General Secretary Kandi Padambo and the Malawi Congress Party publicist Jessie Kabwila.

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