Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Vice President Muhammad Sidik Mia has become the first politician to embrace technology by launching his personal website.

The launch took place on Sunday according to information made available to faceofmalawi reporter.

“Please have a look and feel of my personal website, This site just compliments the Facebook Page I run, the twitter account with twitter handle @SidikMia which I have as well as the You Tube Account with username Sidik Mia.

“As you will appreciate, all these—Facebook Page, Twitter as well as You Tube Accounts—have been embedded to this website hence giving them the official touch. What it means is that any social media account not connected to my website is not official and should therefore be treated with the contempt that it deserves,” wrote Mia.

According to Mia, the idea behind the launch of the website is for easily interaction.

“Friends, the idea behind being on the social media is to have an opportunity to easily interact with you on national issues and also to give you an opportunity to easily reach me with pertinent issues regarding the future of our country.

“I know you also have great views regarding the future of our country and we can easily compare notes if we, your leaders, make ourselves easily accessible to you,” added Mia.

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