I’m here at the EWB house in Toronto for a week of training with 19 other Junior Fellows, as we prepare for our departure to Malawi/Zambia this week! The energy here is high, and the opportunities for learning are plentiful.

Over the next few days, I’d like to share a few thoughts and great moments that happen. Hopefully I can capture those great “ah-ha!” and “hmm..” moments that I walked away with from the many learning sessions that we attend throughout the day.

Great word choice:
While eating Ethiopian food for lunch, George Roter (EWB CEO) referred to what I would normally call a “developing country” as an “emerging country”.

Great lesson shared:
While there are many things that you don’t want to lose in life, among the most important is your smile. Being so far away from home will difficult, and holding on to your smile can lift your spirits and your energy. So.. stay out of trouble – keep yo smile! Oh – and your passport 😉

Great realization:
Junior Fellows are dynamic learning tools when they return to your chapters. They are a living body that can engage you in their experience. And while they may not be able to speak for all of Malawi, they can engage you in a two-way learning experience that can be valuable for everyone participating. This is something I’ll go deeper into again.

Great question asked:
Are there controllable and uncontrollable circumstances (at the level of the individual) that lead to poverty? If there are controllable circumstances, what are they?

Off to bed to get ready for another day,


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