CECAFA Cup Time Table: Last Chance for Ethiopia


Salaam, Tanzania – A feat opposite Malawi here tomorrow is a must If Ethiopia wants to allege to a quarter-finals of a CECAFA Cup.

Ethiopia is now in final place in a organisation with only one indicate and a -2 idea disproportion after dual matches.

But notwithstanding a team’s stream unsafe position, it still has a possibility to allege from a organisation if it beats Malawi by some-more than dual goals.

The large doubt is either Ethiopian strikers, who have been ineffectual  (1 idea in 2 matches) so far, will finally strike their targets and be productive.

For a part, Malawi tops a organisation with 4 points with a win over Kenya (2-0) and a pull with Sudan (1-1).

The tip dual teams in any organisation will validate for a entertain finals, and they will be assimilated by a dual best third placed teams.

Group Results and Table Standings:

 Group A

26 Nov 2011
Tanzania 0 – 1 Rwanda
Zimbabwe 2 – 0 Djibouti
29 Nov 2011
Rwanda v Zimbabwe 2-0
Tanzania v Djibouti 3-0
2 Dec 2011
Rwanda v Djibouti
3 Dec 2011
Tanzania v Zimbabwe

Fri 2nd Dec 2011

Rwanda vs Djibouti
Sat 3rd Dec 2011

Tanzania vs Zimbabwe


Group B

25 Nov 2011
Burundi 4 – 1 Somalia
Uganda 2 – 1 Zanzibar
27 Nov 2011
Zanzibar 0 – 0 Burundi
28 Nov 2011
Somalia 0 – 4 Uganda
1 Dec 2011
Somalia v Zanzibar 0-3
Burundi v Uganda  1-0


Group C

28 Nov 2011
Sudan 1 – 1 Ethiopia
Kenya 0 – 2 Malawi
30 Nov 2011
Ethiopia v Kenya 0-2
Malawi v Sudan 1-1
2 Dec 2011
Ethiopia v Malawi
3 Dec 2011
Kenya v Sudan

Fri 2nd Dec 2011

Ethiopia vs Malawi

Sat 3rd Dec 2011

Kenya vs Sudan


Third Place Teams


Monday 5th Dec 2011 and

Tuesday 6th Dec 2011


Thursday 8th Dec 2011

 Final and Third place

Saturday 10th Dec 2011

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