One of Malawi’s Big Brother Stargame representatives, 22-year-old Alinafe Kulemeka, known as Nafe in the House, jets back home Thursday and plans to do modelling and acting.

Evicted last Sunday alongside Zambia’s Tamara whose sister Tania survived to Upville, Nafe will be accompanied by mum Kwacha and sister Ayanja, after spending close to 58 days in the US$300,000 challenge in South Africa, where he coupled cousin, 22-year old Watipaso Kulemeka whow as upgraded to Upville, aka Wati in the House.

Nafe, an administration assistant at his parent’s business in the capital city, Lilongwe, will arrive to meet fans and breath the Warm Heart of Africa’s free air once again – away from the fan but caged
life of Big Brother!

Speaking to The Namibian, Nafe said he entered the reality show because of money,“ Isn’t that what most of us went there for?”

Asked what lessons he learnt in the Big Brother house, Nafe responded: “Tolerance. The house was full of people with different personalities and egos with some people being more extreme than others. Putting up with that was a challenge every day.”

On future plans, Nafe said: “I want to go into the entertainment industry. I did music already but now I want to broaden that by trying out modelling and acting as well.”

Nafe believe his cousin Wati, Nigerian’s Goldie and Keagan are hot contenders for the top prize.

Meanwhile ‘naughty’ Wati has been separated from the heard for raising hell after getting one two many. His counterpart in ‘crime’, Alex, is stuck to the dining table.

Following Wati’s unbecoming behaviour while under the influence last night, Big Brother punished the Malawian Housemate by separating him from his fellow Housemates.

Wati will be cooped up in the Glass House until he finishes writing out the Big Brother House Rule Book from start to end.

“This way, you will familiarise yourself and get better acquainted with the rules of the House,” Big Brother said.

Biggie also announced Wati has also been banned from imbibing in any alcohol, because of his failure to control his impulses when under the influence. Alex, on the other hand, will also write out the House Rule Book, while seated at the dining table.

Alex was punished following his near-violent reaction to Wati’s drunken provocation.

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