Legislators in Malawi have asked President Joyce Banda to reduce expenditure, including local and international travel.

They said the trips are straining the country’s economy, which is under recovery.

President Banda is criss-crossing the country distributing maize and flour to thousands of people facing starvation.

MPs wondered why President Banda, using government resources would spend $42,000 in allowances and fuel just to distribute maize and flour of $7,700.

“My heart bleeds when I see us borrowing money for irrigation schemes.

My heart bleeds because the president is spending $42,000 for expenses such as fuel and allowances against $7.700 worth of food relief,” said an opposition Member of Parliament McSteyn Mkomba said Thursday in Parliament.

Several Members of Parliament took turns supporting the proposal.

Meanwhile The European Union has told Malawi government to stop wasteful spending.

The EU made the remark when it committed over $1.2 million in budget support in the next three years.

However, President Banda is seemingly not shaken with the claims as she has already scheduled several more meetings to continue distributing food.

President Banda addressing people when distributing the maize adamantly says those against the exercise were merely criticising her for political reasons.

She claims: “I have a duty to feed millions of Malawians that are experiencing food shortage. You are free to help me in feeding the people that have no food at the moment,” she said.

Malawi Vulnerability Assessment Committee report for October 2012 indicated that the number of food insecure people in need of assistance has risen from 1.6 million to about 1.9 million.

Malawi Government is still struggling to find resources to distribute food to the needy.

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