President Joyce Banda’s son, Geoff Kachale, using the influence of his mother is busy terrorising heads of ministries and parastatals to give him business.

A number of parastatals we have checked with indicated that they have been given business proposals from Geoff Kachale and are under enormous pressure to granted them.

“We got his business proposal a few days ago. And under the circumstances we are under pressure to give him the business, or else we will be in trouble,” lamented an official at a government department.

A seasoned a contractor who had gone to drop bids at a Blantyre based parastatal was told that he had just wasted his time because the construction work he was bidding for had already been given to Geoff Kachale under instructions from above and that the tender process was just a formality.

This kind of behaviour goes right against what President Banda told Parliament that she was dreaming of a Malawi where people won business tenders on the basis of their capacity not their closeness to her or the ruling party.

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