Students of the three constituent Colleges of the University of Malawi that are on an indefinite closure over salary differences between University Council and the staff of the University have started their own One graduate per Family campaign against President Banda A cow per Family initiative.

Trading under the banner ‘A graduate per family is better that A cow per family’ the students have taken to social media to express their displeasure at the delayed opening of the school and the silence with which their situation has been met with.

Earlier in the week, the University  Students’ Union (UMSU) released a press statement calling on the opening of the University but there has been no response from the government.

It is currently being rumoured that the students are planning a vigil at Parliament once it resumes next week so that they can make their grievances known to the head of state through the Parliament.

President Banda has appointed Dr. Luscious Kanyumba to head the ministry of education and he is yet to respond to the closure of the Colleges which have not only seen the University Colleges closed but also other tertiary institutions.


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