Bessie Chirambo, former DPP campaign director, who was also said to be in a relationship with the party’s torchbearer and had promised him a wedding and an eventual first lady position once they got into power, has lambasted the Democratic Progressive Party as being a regionalistic party.

Chirambo quit the party last week amidst what some in the party are terming as her fear of contest in the primary elections of the party. She said she would stand on an independent ticket.

While others have merely said that Chirambo’s remarks are born out of frustration over the fact that she failed to secure Mutharika’s love after the DPP leader was seen with Balaka-North legislator, Getrude Maseko, Chirambo herself has opted to remain defiant on her stand that it is the bias of the DPP towards the Southern region that has made her opt to stand as an independent candidate and not on the DPP ticket.

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