Former first lady who appears to enjoy controversy more than the limelight, Callista Mutharika, on Saturday took to the podium in Phalombe to defend her fallen husband’s MK61 billion claiming it was not wealth obtained through the Cashgate scandal as other quarters, more especially the ruling PP, have wanted people to believe.

Speaking at the commemoration of the life of Lacton Mulli where she had gone to represent the DPP President who is also her in-law, Peter Mutharika, Callista said that government was only using the wealth of her husband to divert people’s attention from the real issues.

“If they say that the wealth that my husband made was from Cashgate then why do they not produce the evidence,” said Mutharika who once called President Banda a fool after the arrest of her in-law over charges that she wanted to overthrow the government, perjury and treason among others.

Mutharika’s remarks were also echoed by a representative of the family, Leston Mulli, who said that the Cashgate scandal was impacting heavily on the poor while enriching a few.

A founder of the Mulli brothers, Lacton Mulli, died seven years ago.

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