Activist Rafiq Hajat has criticised President Joyce Banda over her almost daily remarks that she is being threatened over her fight against corruption.

The President has been alleging frequently that she has been receiving death threats from unknown people who have been calling her claiming they will assassinate her.

As Vice President, Joyce Banda, once had her car hit by a truck as she was coming from the airport. Some alleged it was a suicide attempt but strangely, President Banda had not traveled in the convoy that was hit by the truck.

Now, she is back claiming that some people want her life.

However, Hajat has been quoted in the local papers as saying that the President’s claims are just a way of purchasing sympathy for her in light of the scandals that have been attached to her name.

Despite having the ministry of security and even that of defense, President Banda has resorted to the public to tell of her death threats.

Critics have even wondered where people get the number of the President to be sending those death threats and, if they are constant, why is she just not changing her numbers.

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