The stage is yet to be clear, the fever is gripping the Presidential candidates as a decision they may make now will run their parties to greater heights or ruin them.

Unconfirmed reports are indicating that United Democratic Front’s Atupele Muluzi might just pull a fast one on Pilirani Phiri’s expectations when he ditches the two that the ZBS journalist suggested for one, Mathews Chikaonda.

Chikaonda once served as a Minister of Finance in Atupele Muluzi’s father, Bakili Muluzi, government and he came up with a controversial ten-point plan.

The reports say that Muluzi might settle for Chikaonda owing to his record in the public domain as one enviable economist who has been contacted on various economical issues.

With the economy on its knees, Chikaonda might really be the man. But then, Muluzi will have to worry of experience in politics!

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