World Porridge Day aims to give a health start to 690,000 schoolchildren in Malawi


Porridge, the best breakfast! What could be cosier than a big bowl of hot oats topped with seasonal fruit to start these chilly autumn mornings?

And as today is officially World Porridge Day there is no excuse not to tuck in.

World Porridge Day (WPD) is the annual event run by the Scottish Charity ‘Mary’s Meals’.

Established in 2009 by the Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Competition, WPD is an opportunity to celebrate the wonderful breakfast of porridge and a chance to draw attention to the vital role that porridge plays at the charitie’s school feeding projects in Malawi.

The morning porridge ‘likuni phala‘ served by Mary’s Meals to over 690,000 school children in Malawi, is a powerful incentive to go to school and, for many, the only nutritious meal they will have that day.

By providing one good meal to hungry, impoverished children every school day, we are filling empty stomachs so they have the energy and opportunity to learn, which can be their escape route out of poverty in later life.

Mary’s Meals is dependant on donations to keep their important school porridge project running. When feeding a school child for a whole year only costs £12.20, any small amount that you can donate on World Porridge Day will make a big difference to a child’s life.


Porridge Lady’s barley, oat and fig porridge


Porridge is Britain’s best breakfast too. Oats are part of our agricultural heritage, they are suited to the British climate which makes them a sustainable crop to grow. They are also really good for us as they; help lower cholesterol, are a low GI food, high in fibre, high in protein, calcium and iron, just to name a few good things!

As the Porridge Lady you will of course find me tucking into a big bowl for World Porridge Day.

Making porridge, food and recipe writing is my occupation but when I’m not in the kitchen, I’m in the field as I also work in organic agriculture. I am passionate about food that we can trust, healthy food that is nutritious for us and sustainable to grow.

Last year I was appointed to the Soil Association Board, (the UK’s leading membership charity campaigning for healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use) where I work to develop  the highest standards for organic and sustainable food in the UK.


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