Malawi has once again been hit by a shortage of soft drinks on the market a development which is said to be occurring every year during summer.

According to FaceofMalawi investigations it has been noted that since last month there has been shortage of soft drinks such as Fanta, Sprite, Ginger, Cherry plum and other products.

Reports also indicate retailers and vendors have been forced to scramble for whatever available soft drinks they can find on the market. Alcoholic beverages are the only beverages that seem to be in abundance.

Every attempt to speak to Carlsberg Malawi Corporate Communications Officer, Towera Pilling, proved futile as she could not be reached for questioning.

But however Association of Malawi (Cama) Executive Director, John Kapito, has has blasted Carlsberg Malawi for failing to improve the situation.

“It is indeed becoming a habit by Carlsberg Malawi through its subsidiary Southern Bottlers Limited that as we approach the hot season every year there is shortages of drinks of all kinds. The question is why we continue having the very same scarcities year in year out, and why they are failing to learn and improve on their weaknesses?” wondered Kapito.

“The Malawi market we are told has been liberalised why then do we continue to protect non-performing industries? Infact the protection that this company has been unfairly given has failed us other than assisting the industry to improve. I am sure this company would have a regional power by now exporting within the region if it was given some competition,” said Kapito.

The time is ripe for SBL to improve and introduce new and innovative products on the market, wondering why it is failing to meet the demand of a small market like Malawi, said Kapito.

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