There is no doubt that every girl wants to be gorgeous, stunning, sexy, and of course unique. But to be unique doesn’t mean that you want to look ridiculous. You don’t want to follow all those crazy and too creative fashion and beauty trends you see on the runway and red carpet. You should purchase only those outfits that really suit you and you should use only those beauty tips that make you fabulous. Women are not the only creatures who try to be unique, men also love to experiment with their style and sometimes it doesn’t work right. So, we’ve gathered for you 10 pretty funny trends people like, but you should never ever follow if you don’t want to look idiotic, absurd and otherwise ridiculous. Check them out!


A feast for the eyes, this is how this trend might be described. Fast food continues conquering the world, and this time we can not only eat it, but also wear. Many stars rocked this trend ast year. But it doesn’t mean that ordinary people should rock it too. You will definitely look unique with such fashion items, but will you look gorgeous? We doubt it. And do you really want to promote bad eating habits?


When it’s cold outside we dream about warm weather and the bright colors of nature. But wearing multicolored fur coats won’t make the weather shinier. We think it’s one of the worst fashion trends people follow today. Wearing such coats and vests for a photoshoot is a good idea, but, please, do not wear them on the street. You will draw too much attention and will simply look pathetic and out of place. Do you agree with us?

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Both men and women wear fedoras today and they love it. We can’t say that this trend is awful. But we can say that not all people who rock it look great and stylish, somereally look funny, maybe even dumb and out of place. So, if you don’t know how to wear a fedora right, better put it away.

It’s no surprise that girls with thin lips want to make them fuller and juicier. But if you have pouting lips there is no need to make them bigger. You will look vulgar instead of attractive and sexy. You may think that guys like it, but believe us, they really don’t. What you need to use is a nude lipstick or you can try just a balm.


  1. Handlebar mustache
    One of the latest trends men love today is beards and mustaches. Most guys with beards are incredibly handsome and sexy. But one thing they should never try to wear on the street is a handlebar mustache. It just spoils their stylish looks and makes them look really odd.


6. Pajamas as day wear.

mission pic 4No one can deny the fact that wearing a pajama is very comfortable. But in this case comfortable doesn’t mean sexy at all. Despite your hiding some of your imperfections under these baggy outfits, you hide all your perfections as well. “Jammies” doesn’t flatter your figure. So, better enjoy your lounge wear at type of mustache for a photo set is OK but not in real life. Girls, do you agree?

7.Legging instead of trousers
It’s not even a fashion trend. It’s a stupid mistake women continue making over and over again. Wearing leggings instead of trousers is definitely a no-no . No matter how curvy you are or skinny, it’s a crime against fashion to wear leggings this way, especially if they are see-through. Girls, remember this! Let’s hope, this “trend” will disappear soon.

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8.Sandals with socks
One of the craziest fashion trends you can follow today is pairing sandals with socks. Should you try it? We really doubt it. It’s not an easy task to pair these items smartly, most men and women who dare to do it usually fail miserably. Better stay away from this trend if you don’t want to look hugely silly.

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Sometimes the creativity goes too far. This trend can definitely be called one of the craziest and most absurd fashion trends today. Just a few people dare to rock hoof shoes. No doubt they look unique, but do they really show strong style and flair for your wardrobe? The simple answer is no. Probably you’ve never tried wearing such shoes, and you shouldn’t start now!

10. Dyed armpit hair
This is definitely the craziest trend that is conquering the world today. Why are girls doing this? Why my sisters, are you doing dopey stuff like this? There are a lot of controversies surrounding this trend. One say that dyed armpit hair is a symbol of today’s feminist, while others claim it is the ugliest and most disgusting thing a woman can do to her body – kinda ranking up there with piercing your private parts. We think this trend is pretty bizarre to say the least. Girls with underarm hair dyed in

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