A cold war has erupted between Mulanje South Member of Parliament Bon Kalindo and former advisor to President Peter Mutharika on communication and strategy, Bright Malopa over death sentence following the dramatic rise in abductions and killing of persons with albinism.

Malopa was on Wednesday quoted in the media telling Kalindo that death sentence is already in the constitution of the republic of Malawi and his action clearly shows that he is clueless of what the law stipulates.

“Bon Kalindo is threatening to walk naked in an effort to put pressure on fellow MPs to retain capital punishment on albino murderers. Is the [honourable]MP aware that capital punishment has not been repealed from our constitution? Sounds like the lawmaker is not conversant with his own laws,” wrote Malopa on his official facebook page.

The remarks have not gone down well with Kalindo to the extent that the two are not seeing each other with eye to eye.

Writing on his official Facebook page, Kalindo said he is Member of Parliament with an oversight role to make laws that would favour poor Malawians and not the rich like Malopa.

This fight is for all Albinos and us,poor Malawians,those that are being killed like chickens when you are comfortably in your mansions guarded by police! Its a known fact that death penalty is in our laws and that this law is not being used simply because of human rights issues and yet our people are being killed every day hence protecting the rights of all Albino killers and not the victims! What a shame,Malawi!

“All what am doing is to push that this law should be used inorder to protect the remaining ,albino family! Where is my ignorance there if all what am doing is asking parliament to agree that death penalty should be the only way to stop this barbaric act on Albinos once and for all?This kind of thinking is what is making our country not to progress and move forward! Should l say,you are one of the Albino killers and that may be you are afraid,you might get killed once this law has come to pass?,” wrote Kalindo.

He added: “Do not start making silly arguments on this sensitive issue that requires group areas act and collective efforts to deal with this war on innocent people .Who do you want to please?why are you trying to pretend ,all is well when not?Get to know,am Bon kalindo the legistrator not Bright Malopa the coward,who always try to practice cheap politics to gain favours from the authorities inorder to get big positions in government! Who is supposed to censor who between you and the member of parliament who is obviously above you when it comes issues to do with the laws of the land.”

Kalindo said the issue at hand is very sensitive and requires speedy action.

“It is better for you to shut up if you have nothing to offer,Mr Bright Malopa.

“Lastly,l would like thank all Malawians for the overwhelming support towards the planned ‘NAKED DEMONSTRATIONS’ to come! Date,venue and time will be announced later! Lets all come in large numbers to force our government to start using death penalty to all Albino killers.OKUPHA NZAKE,APHEDWE BASI,” added Kalindo

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