Malawi Congress Party (MCP) deputy spokesperson Eisenhower Mkaka has said most of the people who gave the Party a bad name during the reign of Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda are now dining with President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika.

Mkaka said this in reaction to accusation by some DPP officials that MCP is a Party of killers.

In a statement posted on his official facebook page, Mkaka said MCP is now full of new blood and smearing dirt on the Party by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) won’t work.

“The people who gave MCP a bad name moved to UDF, DPP, PP and finally settled in DPP again. The young man who showed the secret agents who killed Atati Mphakati is allegedly in DPP, the guy who killed Mkwapatira Mhango in Zambia is allegedly in DPP, the guy who phoned Orton Chirwa to come back from Zambia not knowing he was being tricked so he could be arrested is allegedly in DPP, the guy who organised the MYPs to beat AFORD guys at COMESA Hall when it was a pressure group is allegedly in DPP etc. One of the allegedly most trusted senior DPP guys was then MCP’s National Director of Youth and whose charge the the Youth League and MYP were. And then who killed Robert Chasowa? Who killed Issa Njauju, who killed the 20 July 20, 2011 victims?,” wrote Mkaka.

He added: “One thing is as certain as tax and death, the current MCP is rebranded for life. The context in which the old MCP operated is diameteically different from the context in which the rebranded MCP is operating in. Ironically tge rebranded MCP has turned to be the most Democratic Party in the current democratic set up.”

Mkaka further said that the rebranded MCP believes in integrity as one of its core values while systematically upholding democratic values.

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